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From B2C to B2B: Ukheshe Technologies’ exciting evolution surges ahead

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With 2021 now well underway and digital transformation accelerating at pace, Ukheshe Technologies is looking forward to the coming months as we continue to scale our operations across more locations on the African continent, and even further afield including Singapore, Dubai and Austria.

As Ukheshe Technologies’ footprint extended into Africa there was a clear opportunity to make the biggest impact as a solutions-driven B2B provider of tailor-made payment solutions that enable banks, telcos and fintechs to provide truly digital-first banking and payment services to their customers.

Ukheshe’s Eclipse API is one of the best examples of Ukheshe’s ongoing evolution and enthusiasm for solutions that drive economic growth for the payments industry. Created to simplify payments, Eclipse provides access to payment technology, products and services – all from one place. The goal of the platform is to provide a single API that encapsulates everything from customer and organisation management to digital wallets, payment gateways, card issuing, card acceptance, bank integration, authentication, KYC, QR Code acceptance/payments and numerous other capabilities required by most Fintech propositions.

The role of innovative platform technology solutions became obvious when Ukheshe identified the importance of being able to grow and scale into different markets. At the same time, the value of forming strategic partnerships and acquisitions became very clear. Last year saw us acquire Oltio from Mastercard, the company that developed the digital payments platform for Masterpass, Mastercard’s QR code payments service. As the year progresses our B2B approach will continue to inform key decisions around the growth and development of payment services and our role as a leading digital fintech platform provider.


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