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The Eclipse API

The API standard in issuing and acquiring in Africa

Our solutions offer accessible, fast and secure services to your customers through multiple channels such as Whatsapp, your existing apps, web and USSD all through a cloud based PCI compliant environment.


These solutions provide a low cost, contactless engagement, end to end encryption, KYC verification and Mastercard secure payments.

“Our platform is simple, easy and secure. Allowing financial inclusion to those that were previously unbanked.”

Paying with a Phone

Digital Wallets

Our digital wallet platform allows the underserved and underbanked to transact in convenient, easy, and affordable ways.


The wallet provides a platform that allows customers or merchants to pay and get paid. Both customers and merchants have a choice on when and how to manage and use their money.

Features include:

  • USSD, WhatsApp chat banking or App

  • Person to Person (P2P) and Person to Merchant (P2M) payments

  • No limits for inter-account transfers

  • Cross border exchange available

  • Crypto transfers enabled

  • Seamless integrations of our other services, including Airtime or data purchases, bill payments, insurance payments, QR payments and more

Multiple top-up and cash out channels can be integrated:


Digital Wallets

Cash Agents
Card (Top-up only)
Wallet to Wallet
Digital Wallets

Easy Secure Digital KYC

The process of knowing your customer is imperative in verifying their identity before or during the time you engage with them. The service can be customised to the in-country legal requirements of each market.


We offer a fully digital KYC solution with the following easy steps:


  • Taking or uploading a picture of the customer’s ID or passport

  • Taking a selfie as a liveliness test to complete the verification process

  • Verification is done instantly through PEP screening, UN and OFAC sanction checks


Pay and get paid with QR Codes

  • Scan to Pay pull payments and QR push payments

  • Pay via static or dynamic QR code generation and USSD

  • Accessible - No hardware needed

  • Convenient for businesses and customers

  • Fast

  • Secure

  • Low in data costs

  • Hygienic and contactless

Digital KYC

Tap 2 Pay

  • Customers can tap their phone to pay for goods or services on a NFC POS

  • No need to carry a physical card

  • Safe and secure

  • Saves time at check out

Tap on Glass - Mobile Pos

Any android NFC cell phone can be enabled to accept debit/credit card payments as a POS machine.

Card Issuing

Our solution enables creating, issuing and managing physical and virtual debit, credit and prepaid cards.


We are providing an end-to-end card issuing solution.

Physical Card Issuing

Your business can easily and cost-effectively issue prepaid cards to customers. Our solution is quick to implement, scalable and includes centralised end-to-end card issuing services.

Virtual Cards

Virtual prepaid card is a simple, cost-effective way to empower your customer to make secure online purchases for goods and services.


Use cases for prepaid cards:

  • Payroll

  • Stipend / Per diem

  • Consumer incentive

  • Sales incentive

  • Cash replacement

  • ​Cheque replacement

  • Emergency incentives

  • Meal and food voucher

  • Healthcare & insurance payouts

Card Issuing

Send Money Cross Border

Fully-featured, scalable, secure payments offering:

  • API-enabled for ease of integration

  • Process automation to streamline back-office operations

  • Highly configurable to enable business evolution over time

  • Full suite of compliance capabilities across the full customer lifecycle

  • Risk-based approach configurable for customer-defined rules

Cross Border Payments
A Young man wearing headphones

Enable Value-added Services

Value-added Services allow your business to earn extra revenue and supply your customers with more services.


We've partnered with leading suppliers to easily integrate Value Added Services into your product.


  • Buy airtime and data

  • Pay utilities – TV, electricity, water

  • Bill Presentation & Collection Fees

  • Buy vouchers for streaming services, gaming, gifting, transport and more

  • Insurance

VAS Services
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