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Fintech for Humans: The life of a digital nomad at Ukheshe

Fintech for Humans
Have a laptop, will travel

Deprived of social interaction at school, varsity and in the workplace during Covid-19, young people felt the loss of experiences that should have contributed to shaping their future.

Now, many are taking advantage of lifted travel restrictions and new hybrid working patterns to enjoy the freedom they were denied for almost two years and to come and go wherever and whenever they choose.

Say hello to today’s ‘digital nomads’. With the ability to work remotely and independently from anywhere in the world, these young people – freelancers, entrepreneurs and even full-time employees - are travelling from place to place, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or partners, and experiencing for themselves new cultures, new environments and gaining invaluable experience along the way.

Work from any time zone and location

Why are so many people choosing this lifestyle?

  • It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures and lifestyles and become more open, tolerant, and understanding of differences.

  • You can live a life focused on experiences rather than possessions.

  • It’s a chance to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

  • You can grow personally and professionally

  • A new location can boost creativity

  • Moving to a low-cost of living country means you can afford things that used to be outside of your budget.

  • You have an opportunity to find belonging in a new community.

Working as a digital nomad

Planning your digital nomad journey

Being a digital nomad does however require some planning. Both your career journey and physical journey need direction and purpose. One such driven digital nomad is Ukheshe’s very own Lian van der Vyver, an itinerant software engineer and coder who has traversed the world from some of the most iconic major cities to quiet backwaters seeking out new connections and experiences, whilst giving his all to his work every single day.

Lian is an adventure seeker and loves the outdoors. He loves the slopes, the beaches, and the open road – if it’s a challenge, he will meet it head-on, including solving some of our most intractable technical issues in between.

But what really sets Lian apart is their love for travel. He’s swapped the cubicle for a plane, the office for a beach, and the water cooler for a backpack. Armed with a laptop and a dream, he’s traversed the world, from bustling metropolises to remote villages, always seeking out new experiences, new cultures, and new connections.

Fulfilling your dreams

“If you can fulfil your life’s dreams at the same time as being the best at your job that you can be, you are truly lucky,” says Lian. Lian says he is ticking off bucket list items and achieving work goals every day and is grateful for the opportunity Ukheshe’s flexible approach to work affords him.

If you have an adventurous spirit, a great work ethic as well as the commitment and dedication to getting the most out of life that you can, you too could become a digital nomad.

Find out more about our exciting career opportunities at Ukheshe here.


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