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Embedded Finance Guide

A short guide to embedded finance

Embedded Finance Image-01.png

Until now, financial services used to be exclusive to traditional financial institutions. To offer these services, a banking license was required, which comes with huge capital investment, strict compliance, and regulatory requirements. There are many non-financial companies that want to make embedded finance part of the holistic experience, and for a good reason. 


Through embedded finance, non-financial institutions and brands can integrate financial products or services - like payments, insurance, lending or banking - to ease and enhance the overall user experience within their platform or app.

In this guide, we have unpacked the key areas within embedded finance and how it's influencing a new age of financial services.

Clayton Hayward, CEO Ukheshe
“Embedded finance is transforming financial services for the better. Through API technology and partnering with banks and fintechs, non-financial companies can offer rich user experiences by embedding banking services directly into their platform”

Clayton Hayward, CEO Ukheshe

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