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Digital Pin Mailer

Our Digital Pin mailer has the power to reach your customers faster, on a platform of their choice – either as an email attachment, embedded in an email, USSD shortcode, or SMS with embedded hyperlink to choose your new PIN.

Safe and Secure

The Digital Pin mailer is aimed at replacing the printed version and as a result, offers multiple features that benefit both the end consumer & business.

With the Digital Pin mailer, you can provide your customer with either a verified PIN or a default PIN (with the option to change their PIN at a later stage) colours.

  • Quick to send
  • Easy to access
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Safe and secure
  • Adaptable – Can be opened on a customer’s device anywhere, anytime

Virtual Card

A Virtual Card delivers a VCN (Virtual Card Number) and is an additional product that can be offered to existing customers to enable them to transact on online shopping platforms. The VC is aimed at making online transactions faster, easier, and smoother. It will allow KYC’d customers (customers on your books) to securely receive a digital debit card number, expiry date, and CVV2. Customers can also tokenize their VCN into an e-wallet or banking app, further enabling shopping with faster check-outs.

Our Virtual Card allows for:

  • Branding/ Advertising/Promotions
  • Cross-selling
  • Chat Bots


We have designed & created responsive transactional documents that adapt to deliver the best experience in every channel. By re-imagining and re-engineering the document, we’ve made it work better and faster for the sender and the recipient.

Our e-Statements are content-rich, including:

  • Interactive graphs
  • Videos
  • Searching capabilities
  • Links to websites
  • Exports to Excel
  • Interactive animation
  • Printable version
  • Branding/ Advertising/Promotions
  • Chat Bots
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