FinTech solutions that
accelerate economic
for the under
banked allowing full
financial inclusion

Who we are

Ukheshe’s technology platform helps banks & telcos provide SMME’s affordable digital Banking & Payment services. (BaaS)

With client acquisition, onboarding and distribution costs that are a fraction of traditional merchant accounts, informal banking is now an accessible, untapped and lucrative growth market for our banking partners.


Ukheshe South Africa, making use of Ukheshe platforms has been honoured with multiple awards in SA & around the globe

Mastercard Start Path Partner

Ukheshe has been welcomed aboard as one of the newest start path partners.

Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)

World’s largest FinTech
festival finalist.

SARB FinTech winner

South Africa.

Cashless payment revolution

Moved a massive part of the South African informal sector into a cashless payment revolution.

SA Government

Ukeshe engages directly & successfully with the SA government in a fund disbursement effort.

Catapult Inclusion Africa

Cohort member (selected from 245 companies).

Mastercard PTS

A partnership across Africa that allows access to their platforms.

Ukheshe Africa

Ukeshe launches its Fintech solutions into Africa.

The World Bank

Ukheshe receives an endorsement from The World Bank to accelorate its efforts.

Active opportunities

Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria..
Ukheshe Africa has also been onboarded as a Mastercard start path member.

From seamless payment experiences, digital payment integrations, bill payments & so much more, Ukheshe has created a user-friendly digital service hub that powers positive financial inclusion.

Executive structure

Jason Penton

CTO | M.Sc

Mike Smits


Paul Carter Brown

CIO | B.Sc Mechanical

Clayton Hayward

CEO | B.Eng Mechanical

Mark Dankworth

MD Africa | Dip. CDP

Use Cases & Testimonials

Ukheshe South Africa

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