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Digital First Fintech Solutions

Ukheshe Technologies’ platform helps banks and telcos provide digital first Banking and Payment services. From seamless, digital payment integrations, bill payments, virtual cards, WhatsApp pay and more.

Ukheshe has created a user-friendly digital service hub making banking an accessible, un-tapped and a lucrative growth market for our banking partners. 

Seamless Integration

With a deep background in enterprise platform delivery in the banking and telco sectors, we have built up a vast set of micro services to enable rapid digital transaction propositions for our clients.

Fintech Architecture

The Ukheshe API allows seamless 3rd party integration with all the benefits one needs to offer end-to-end payment solutions.

manufacturing &
of cards

  • Financial Dual Interface, EMV contact, Magnetic stripe, Metal cards
  • Telecommunication SIM cards, Scratch cards and Application Solutions
  • Government ID cards, driving license, Polycarbonate cards Visa & MasterCard Certified products from manufacturing plant in Tanzania.

Physical Card

Ukheshe supplies highly secure and specialised EMV card products to banks and financial institutions. We supply a broad, up-to-date range of EMV card chip platforms.

Ukheshe has extensive experience from several successful EMV card migration projects in Africa where we have supplied millions of EMV cards.

Ukheshe card service includes:

  • Card Program Selection (debit, credit, pre-paid)
  • Card Program design
  • Card design
  • Profile and script development
  • EMV data preparation
  • Personalisation services (Central, remote or instant issue)

Ukheshe virtual card service includes:

  • Versatile for fast, secure online payments
  • No credit check needed
  • Global acceptance
  • Effective to budget and manage spending
  • Offer incentives or rewards to customers and build loyalty
  • Can’t get lost or stolen and does not take up space in a wallet

Virtual Card

Ukheshe’s virtual prepaid card is a simple, straightforward way to pay for online purchases from websites and apps that accept Mastercard or Visa cards.

Companion Card

Mobile money providers who have embraced companion cards cite the ability to fast track the uptake of a range of use cases (e.g, merchant payments, e-commerce, ATM withdrawals) and report an increase in customer acquisition in cases where cards are aspirational to target customer segments.

Companion cards can be used in the following situations:

  • Withdrawing funds at existing ATM networks
  • Paying for goods or services
  • Making online / e-commerce transactions and
  • Linking companion cards with a mobile wallet


Ukheshe’s API platform, Eclipse allows for payments to be made and received all via a single API solution. It’s unlike any payment service or solution. Ukheshe is Masterpass certified which means it can accept payments from any Masterpass enabled app and most banking apps. Just lookout for the Masterpass logo

Secure. Quick. Transactions.

Tap2Pay is a card payment system designed for secure, quick and easy payments for small payment amounts through the use of special antennas embedded in them which are used to transfer information on Tap to Pay terminals.

Tap2Pay is ideal for merchants who process low ticket value transactions, such as fast-food restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, movie theatres, etc.

Benefits of Tap2Pay include:

  • No long queues
  • Lesser risk of fraud
  • Hygiene: Only you touch your card
Ukheshe Chat Commerce

Chat Commerce

The shift to cashless payments continues to gain momentum with digital commerce growing at 2x the rate of physical, reaching more merchants and consumers.

Safe and Secure

As consumers demand an ever more personalised and attentive shopping experience Chat Commerce is fast ecoming the way to support their customers as they search for products, place orders, pay bills, buy airtime, and much more.

Our Chat Commerce Platform allows for direct revenue opportunities through:

  • Acquiring and Issuing Interchange
  • Bill Presentation & Collection Fees
  • Airtime Distribution
  • Value-Added Services
  • Vouchers
  • Bill Payments

Which allow for:

  • Acquiring and Issuing Interchange
  • Bill Presentation & Collection Fees
  • Airtime Distribution


The process of knowing your customers is imperative in verifying the identity of customers before or during the time that we engage in business with them.

Ukheshe KYC

Know Your Customer

KYC allows companies to protect themselves by ensuring that they are doing business legally and with legitimate entities, and it also protects the individuals who might otherwise be harmed by financial crime.
Registered customers with access to a phone with a camera & WhatsApp, Ukheshe App, or fintech relevant app for the country.
They then use their camera enabled smartphone to take a photo of their ID
Document or Passport.

They then use their camera enabled smartphone to take a photo of themselves for further authentication.

They then capture their name, surname, ID/
Passport number and submit data.

Onboarding Engine ( Ratify.ai ) checks all data matches – Ai checks OCR ID, Passport, Facial Matching, Liveness Verification, OFAC & Banned Lists
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