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Walking the talk and living the Ukheshe values

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Our company values are more than aspirations, we see them as a carefully considered set of principles that guide our actions, keep us all on the right track, and inspire our success. What we value not only shows the world what we’re about and what we stand for, it functions as a compass for finding our true north and serves as a foundation of our long-term vision and strategy.

As we continue to grow and build on our many successes, our values become even more important. Here are the Ukheshe values – we think they’re worth celebrating.

  1. Innovation

Innovation is part of the Ukheshe DNA and defines and differentiates us as a leading digital fintech platform provider.

  1. Teamwork

The demands of the constantly evolving digital world means that we cannot operate in silos. We value teamwork as it supports our growth and enables us to remain relevant and competitive.

  1. Integrity

Ukheshe recognises the power of technology it's potential to create lasting positive change for individuals, communities and society at large. Integrity means we hold ourselves to the highest standards in every interaction, project, and partnership in which we engage.

  1. Collaboration

At the heart of providing fintechs, telcos and banks with payment solutions is collaboration. Collaboration is the bedrock of innovation and delivers real value to our partners and clients.

  1. Passion

We care deeply about financial inclusion here at home and on the African continent. It is this passion for making a meaningful difference that drives us to constantly improve and exceed expectations.

  1. Impact

We believe in punching well above our weight and making a lasting impact. Ukheshe already has a proud history of achieving extraordinary things and stand at the ready to continue doing so.

  1. Success

Ukheshe sees success as more than a final outcome. To us, real success is defined by the entire journey of learning, adapting, changing and growing.


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