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Staying ahead of the credit card transformation curve

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Since their debut in the 1950s, credit cards have permanently changed consumer spending across the globe. Now another exciting shift is underway as credit cards evolve into daily money management tools. From humble beginnings as a simple payment instrument, credit cards are now an effective means of keeping track of the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of spending, all while being a conduit to a host of immediate online card benefits.

Embracing this digital-first approach is not only a win for the consumer but for fintechs, banks, payment processors, as well as issuers and merchants. Credit cards as a means of money management allow card processors access to card data quickly and securely while banks and other financial institutions are better able to respond to cardholders’ demand for receiving and managing banking products and services completely digitally

Within this new environment, Fintechs are in the unique position to create fully customisable, bespoke solutions that are tailored for a variety of different users’ needs while issuers and merchants can offer a true omnichannel experience that is scalable over time. Any safety concerns are also swiftly addressed as digital cards offer extra layers of security via tools like tokenisation.

Ukheshe Technologies stands ready to provide the solutions necessary for fintechs, insuretechs and banks to answer the ever-increasing demand for the money management tools at the centre of today’s great digital shift. As a digital-first product and service provider, Ukheshe Technologies understands the need to be fully responsive to change to keep ahead of the curve in an environment constantly in flux.


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