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Building and growing your digital skillset

If you’re a go-getting, tech-driven person who wants to work on the cutting edge of innovation, fintech is a sector in which your existing skills will be tested but is one in which there is also enormous scope for career growth and personal development.

Fintech amongst fastest growing sectors

Fintech technologies is one of the fastest growing and evolving industry sectors. In 2020 its market size was valued at $110.57 billion and is projected to reach $698.48 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 20.3% from 2021 to 2030. There is currently masses of research and development happening in the field, providing opportunities to be part of this exciting environment that is moving forward at a rapid rate.

If you are the kind of person that has the ability and desire to learn and grow, fintech technologies are constantly in need of new talent.

Fintech ultimately seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services to millions of people around the world. Here are some of the in-demand skills and attributes that go-getters should possess in order to advance a career within fintech:

  • Software Development

A well-conceived app or technical product needs to be translated into smooth-functioning software. Skills that are much needed to create websites, platforms and apps include coding and software development.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain may be a mystery to many, but it is indisputably part of the new financial landscape. As fintech seeks to incorporate blockchain solutions into their offerings, consider this as a new string to your bow. And it’s worth noting that the demand for blockchain developers is increasing by 30% year on year.

  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Fintech innovation is geared toward user experience and seamless interaction between financial service providers and the end user. With this comes a vast amount of data gathered through user apps and platforms that can be mined to forecast patterns and trends. For this workstream, fintech companies are looking for people with an analytical mind that can interpret data, coupled with some knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

A person coding on a laptop

  • Cybersecurity

Fintech companies that hold vast amounts of confidential and sensitive financial data are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Ensuring maximum crypto security is a job for techies, as well as cybersecurity experts versed in risk management and compliance, forensic investigations and encryption. If you want a job keeping cybercriminals at bay, this is a diverse and important role which fintech companies are looking for.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a critical role to play in the attraction and retention of customers. In these new spaces, you can combine the good old-fashioned marketing and branding skills of compelling and engaging messaging with new digital platforms. The work of a digital marketer is both creative and demanding but ultimately rewarding when your programmes are shown to grow demand and build loyalty from your customers.

  • Product Management

Working with both technical and marketing teams, product managers develop product ideas based on data analytics, user feedback and a host of other inputs. Product managers are part of the collective that drives companies forward and keeps them at the leading edge of innovation.

Combining hard skills with drive, energy, and passion

Ukheshe COO Lee Ziervogel’s key focus is on efficient and effective cross-team collaboration and organisational effectiveness. She says,

“Technology is at the heart of Ukheshe’s operations, and our success is powered by the partnerships we build between the technical platform’s capability and business enablement. Our business units ensure that we have the necessary internal enablement teams in place to best serve our clients from a technical as well as business perspective. Ukheshe’s ‘engine room’ ultimately drives our successful strategy execution.”

In addition to basic hard skills which can be developed and built on whilst ‘on the job’, when recruiting key talent, Lee also looks for;

  • Passion and a love for technology. Education in technology is a plus

  • A passion for Ukheshe’s greater mission

  • Skills and experience in the specific role

  • High personal standards

  • Inner drive

  • Energy and enthusiasm

  • Someone with a generalist mindset who can wear multiple hats, drive cross functional collaboration and who can own effective delivery aligned with business needs.

If you would like to explore an exciting career in fintech, have a look at our careers page


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