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A closer look at Eclipse API – Ukheshe’s answer to solution-driven enablement

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Eclipse is built and operated by Ukheshe based on hundreds of man-years of experience in the financial services, telecoms and payments arena. The goal of the platform is to provide a set of powerful APIs covering everything from customer and organisation management to digital wallets, payment gateways, card issuing, card acceptance, bank integration, authentication, KYC, QR code acceptance/payments and numerous other capabilities required by most fintech propositions.

In November 2020, Nedbank announced the launch of its new in-chat payment platform. Utilising Eclipse API, Money Message empowers small and micro businesses and their customers to conveniently make and receive secure payments via WhatsApp.

Kenyan retail-tech startup, Tanda, also leveraged Ukheshe’s Eclipse API as a way to increase their digital banking offering in Kenya and East Africa using QR payments, digital wallets as well as issuing of physical and virtual cards.

More recently, Telkom launched Africa’s very first Virtual Card for use on WhatsApp. This is the latest offering within Telkom Pay, the WhatsApp-based digital payments wallet that allows users to pay others and get paid themselves using their mobile phone and WhatsApp, powered by Eclipse.

While normally rolling out a proposition involving digital wallets, card issuing and acceptance, payment gateways and the like requires a myriad of compliance and technical hurdles. Eclipse takes care of this and separates the engine room of payments and card management from the end-user channels and propositions. Whether it’s a rewards platform, online auction app, corporate card issuing, WhatsApp based digital wallet or anything in between, Eclipse provides the building blocks required to enable our customers to build great user experiences, using our developer-friendly infrastructure.


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