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A bigger and better Ukheshe – with the best yet to come

2 min read.

The last few months have been an exciting chapter in Ukheshe’s growth and development. Our team continues to expand with the brightest talent in our industry who bring with them the extensive skills, knowledge and experience to drive our regional and international ambitions. We are thrilled to have recently welcomed new members to our sales, support, and development teams.

With our growing team, we are even more well-placed to meet the demands of our banking, telco, and fintech clients as we play a pivotal role at the forefront of innovative digital-first solutions. The inclusion of more skilled staff in our ranks also ensures we are able to develop and finely tune Ukheshe’s multitude of offerings in the future.

We recently announced the details of our global expansion plans, wherein apart from our regional African reach, we will focus on expanding into new geographies and establishing significant long-term partnerships in strategic locations within the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Middle East.

We already have a proud legacy as a formidable payment technology specialist, where our impact and contribution to the financial services industry has always far outweighed our size. As we set our sights on new markets, acquisitions, and numerous other promising opportunities, Ukheshe remains true to our core principles of teamwork and collaboration (to name just two), and to be the close family team we have always aimed for. We’re looking forward to growing even more in the next six months, and to a bigger and better Ukheshe.


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