Knowing your
customer’s identity

Digital ID Verification

With our KYC platforms you are able to
verify a persons identity as simply as
snapping or uploading a picture.

Plug and Play

The API can be plugged into Android
and IOS apps for a fully mobile verification
or into responsive websites to allow
verification via a PC.

Intelligent AI

Our platform has advanced facial recognition
algorithms to ensure that the person being verified matches the ID uploaded. Similar technology is used to verify a persons Proof of Residence (POR).

Seamless Integration

With our smart KYC platform you are able to easily integrate into your existing systems using our REST API. Advanced integrations are possible for the Telco and FinTech industries to, for example, integrate into RICA services and activate dormant Sim cards.

Features Include

Mobile First

Can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Android and IOS apps for a fully Mobile experience.

Failure Management

ID verification failures can be integrated into your call centre process or alternatively accessed via an Ukheshe portal for review.

Volume Based Pricing

Our Ukheshe pricing is volume-driven. The more requests recieved, the cheaper it becomes.

Dynamic Reporting

Ratify reporting can be accessed via Ukheshe Portal. Reporting Data can be integrated into your existing BI reporting tools seamlessly. Additional optional scheduled emails can be configured to keep you up to date.

Cloud Based

Our servers are cloud-based and lineraly scalable based on thruput. No need for onsite hardware.

ID Type Agnostic

Our API is not reliant on integrations into local ID databases. It therefore supports any form of identification including; ID cards, ID books, Drivers Licenses, Foreign passports etc.
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