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Enhance your digital banking offering

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A cloud-native, PCI DSS-compliant Banking-as-Service platform backed by strong APIs enables you to enhance your digital banking offering. Integrate into Eclipse and create a digital banking proposition like never before.

We are a leading Banking-as-a-Service and Embedded Finance enabler with an extensive background in enterprise platform delivery.  

Eclipse is a multi-tenant cloud-based API and associated admin console that enables banks to build flexible and compelling financial services propositions for their customers.

With our rich APIs,  you can transform your digital banking offering, create seamless customer experiences, reduce costs, and enhance your revenue streams.

A platform built for growing banks

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Why you should work with us

Drive value creation through Banking as a Service 


Increased Customer Insights 


Cost Savings Intitaives


Increased Sources of Revenues


Personalised and Customer-Centric Offerings

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Get In Touch Now!

Our business development team will put you in the right direction to achieve your expansion goals. 

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