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Revolutionise your bank with BaaS

Unlock the power of Ukheshe's cloud-based Banking-as-a-Service platform. Enhance your digital banking capabilities with zero disruption to your core systems. 

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Trusted by growing businesses across Africa 

Empowering Banks for Seamless Growth

We integrate into the lower layer of your bank's infrastructure and build a technology layer on top, that is flexible, accessible, fully digital, and real-time.

Rapid Digital Transformation: Shift to digital seamlessly, saving time and resources.


Agile Solutions for Evolving Needs: Stay ahead by adapting swiftly to changing customer demands.


Cost Efficiency, Scalable Growth: Reduce operational expenses while setting the stage for scalable expansion.


Seamless Integration, No Core Disruption: Integrate effortlessly without disrupting your core operations.


Tailored Solutions for Local Markets: Address local challenges and resonate more effectively with your customer base.

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Embrace digital transformation

Our platform is engineered to empower banks with the tools and technologies to be more agile, responsive and ready to thrive in the digital age. 

Gain access to a comprehensive suite of financial products and services designed to cater to the diverse needs of your customers.

No changes to infrastructure or core banking systems

Bring innovative products and services to market, faster

Minimal disruption, maximum value

A fully integrated suite of financial products and services 

Empower SMEs with end-to-end financial solutions

The Eclipse SME in a Box solution enables you to offer tailored banking services to SMEs across Africa. 

Eclipse SME-in-a-box is an embedded finance solution that allows merchants to manage all aspects of their business from digital onboarding and KYC to business registration, management of money, receiving of funds and payment acceptance.


SMEs represent around 90% of all businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide.

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SME-In-A-Box Features:

My Business
Merchant Dashboard
Sales Management
Sales & Expenses Management
E-Wallet (Receive & Make Payments)
Issue Prepaid & Virtual Cards 
Reporting & Expenses Management

Why you should work with us


Proven Scalability & Performance

Our platform is designed for high performance and stability, ensuring you can scale while maintaining your performance.



All of our transaction facilities are safe and secure. Whether it's the transfer of money or data.


Extensive Developer Suppot

We provide comprehensive developer support, including APIs, SDKs, and documentation, to facilitate smooth integrations. 


Quality to Market

With prebuilt components and infrastructure, we ensure that your customers receive the latest and best technology first.


Cloud Native 

Benefit from the flexibility, agility, and cost-efficiency of a cloud-native solution, allowing your bank to adapt and evolve with ease.


Speed & Flexibility

Our platform offers the speed and flexibility you need to meet changing market demands and seize opportunities for growth.

Drive value creation with Banking as a Service 


Speed to market


Cost and resource efficiency 


Increased sources of revenues


Streamlined payment capabilities


Real-time digital onboarding


Robust fraud prevention and security


Deploy new functionalities and products quickly and easily


Get a free consultation on us!

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